Flashlights and Cardboard- A Guardsman's Ballad

Session 6
What Has Been Lost, Shall Be Recovered

(Details the return of the Imperium to Eldum)

Session 5
The Tip of The Spear

(Details the initial invasion of Eldum)

Session 4
The Mysteries of Hub-Station Vegra

After escaping the destruction of Andekris,

Session 3
The Second Battle of Ornos

After regrouping at FOB Shelyron, 3rd Battalion receives orders from Commissar Olamin to support the main column of Dragoons moving to retake Ornos. They borrow a heavily modified Tauros from Techpriestess Octavia, and set out with the rest of their comrades. On the main highway into the city, the Battalion receives a vox comm from an Adeptus Sororitas convent; the same that Sister Abigail belonged to, asking for help. They were pinned down in the Ornos Triage facility by snipers, and they needed support. The group decided to help. They split off from the convoy, and on approach to the hospital, a burst of traitor las-fire sent their Tauros swerving into a lamppost. The group dismounted and took cover in a ditch on the side of the road, slowly advancing. Dieron stayed with the Tauros, attempting to help mend it’s machine spirit. Eventually, the rest of the party linked up with the Sisters of Battle and their Death Korps of Krieg bodyguards at the hospital.
When Lt. Gerrick asked for a SITREP from the Krieg commander, he attacked, presumably affected by Chaos, and was put down by Gerrick and Olgan. A platoon of heretics was spotted moving into some hab blocks down the street from the Triage Facility, so Gerrick took command of the Kreig bodyguards and moved to drive the heretics back. After several minutes of intense room to room fighting, the hab block is clear, and the Sisters saved. Strangely, Gerrick gets a vox from Commissar Olamin ordering all units back to the Imperial flagship Imperator.

Session 2
Deep Striking!

3rd Battalion regrouped at FOB Shelyron after an ambush devastated their convoy. Commissar Olamin, the acting commander of the battalion, let the members have some time off, allowing them to meet the other inhabitants of the base; notably Techpriestess Octavia, Confessor Pavel, and a mysterious Jokaero weaponsmith. The next day, 3rd Bn. awakes to the discovery that, during the night, a large group of traitor guardsmen have taken key facilities in the city of Ornos. After listening to a message recorded by a mysterious man known only as “The Eagle,” Commissar Olamin and Lt. Gerrick send 3rd Bn. to locate and destroy the traitors main base of operations, hopefully killing The Eagle as well.
3rd Bn. is airlifted into the city under the cover of darkness and shortly after their dropoff, they encounter a small rebel fire team. They eliminate the traitors, and at Cpl. Olgan’s suggestion, steal and don their uniforms. After a brief pause, they locate the traitor’s main base; a fortified multistory building. Their newfound disguises allow them to walk into the front gate, and after a brief patsy, a guard gives them free access to the entire building. An armory is discovered, and Dieron’s knowledge of explosives allow them to fabricate makeshift explosives; enough to destroy the building. Their cover still holding, the group unknowingly stumbles into an interrogation of a Sister of Battle. The group decides to free the Sister, killing her captors. The Sister thanks them for their unorthodox rescue, and leaves to fight The Eagle.
After freeing Abigail, the group decides to follow her, as she kills her way into the base’s command center. Upon entry, The Eagle and his elite guards fight Abigail and the party. After the fight, Cpl. Olgan attempts to interrogate the dying Eagle for useful intelligence, but Sister Abigail simply shoots him with her bolt pistol. This starts a long lasting rivalry between the two, as each believes that they are right/better than the other. The team blows the building and calls for a Valkyrie.

Session 1

Planetfall! Combined elements of the Elysian Drop Troops and Brimlock Dragoons land on the planet Andekris to remove a secessionist Planetary Governor and his defected Defense Force. The threat of Chaos is high, but the brave guardsmen secure a beachhead for the rest of the invasion force to land. Two months after the first drop, the 13th Dragoon Regiment is sent out on a combat patrol into the capital city Ornos. During the patrol, the convoy carrying them was ambushed by traitors, forcing the brave men and women to repel the ambush. Techpriest Dieron took to coordinating air strikes on traitor positions while trying to fix their Tauros armored cars. Meanwhile, Sgt. Sol Olgan led the charge against the enemy, engaging in brutal hand to hand fighting and single handedly clearing several buildings. Eventually, the forces of Chaos were forced to withdraw, and the surviving guardsmen drove back to FOB Sheylron, waiting for the time to pass for their next mission…


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