Flashlights and Cardboard- A Guardsman's Ballad

Session 1


Planetfall! Combined elements of the Elysian Drop Troops and Brimlock Dragoons land on the planet Andekris to remove a secessionist Planetary Governor and his defected Defense Force. The threat of Chaos is high, but the brave guardsmen secure a beachhead for the rest of the invasion force to land. Two months after the first drop, the 13th Dragoon Regiment is sent out on a combat patrol into the capital city Ornos. During the patrol, the convoy carrying them was ambushed by traitors, forcing the brave men and women to repel the ambush. Techpriest Dieron took to coordinating air strikes on traitor positions while trying to fix their Tauros armored cars. Meanwhile, Sgt. Sol Olgan led the charge against the enemy, engaging in brutal hand to hand fighting and single handedly clearing several buildings. Eventually, the forces of Chaos were forced to withdraw, and the surviving guardsmen drove back to FOB Sheylron, waiting for the time to pass for their next mission…



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